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Liste d'armée Bolt Action pour les S.A.S.

Ayant pratiquer la règle Bolt Action avec mes figurines S.A.S, je cherchais à en savoir plus sur les budgets et les règles spéciales concernant ces troupes. La dernière newletter de Warlord Game vient de répondre à mes attentes.
Vous trouverez ci-dessous les éléments nécessaires pour jouer avec ces unités.

1944, S.A.S en Bretagne - Lien -

Cost: 48 pts (Inexperienced). 60 pts (Regular). 72pts (Veteran).
Weapon: 1 forward-facing HMG. 1 formard-facing LMG and 2 rearfacing LMGs
Damage Value: 6+ (Soft-skin).
Options May replace any LMGs with Vickers K guns counting as MMGs for +5 pts each
Special Rules: Recce


The SAS Brigade would continue in this role through Belgium, the Netherlands and into Germany itself. It can certainly be said that the remarkable men of the Special Air Service live by their regimental motto, ‘Who Dares Wins’!

Cost: 72pts (Veteran).

Composition: 1 NCO and 3 men. 

Weapons: pistol and rifle 

• Add up to 4 additional men with pistol and rifle for +18pts each. 
• Any man can replace his rifle with a submachine gun for +2pts. 
• Up to two men may have a light machine gun for +20pts. For each
LMG, another man becomes the loader. 
• Light machine guns can be upgraded to Vickers K LMGs for a
further +5 points each. 
• The squad can be given anti-tank grenades for +2pts per man. 

Special Rules: 
• Who Dares Wins! To represent their special training and
motivation, units of SAS have the Fanatics special rule. 
• Behind enemy lines. When Outflanking as described on p.119 of
the Bolt Action rulebook, units of SAS ignore the -1 modifier to the
Order test for coming onto the table. 
• Tank hunters (if anti-tank grenades taken). 
• Vickers K gun. The Vickers K gun (also known as the VGO) was a
rapid firing machine gun developed for airplanes but also favoured
by special forces. A Vickers K gun shoots with +1 dice compared
to a regular LMG – 4 dice instead of 3). 

• The SAS Infantry Squad is an Infantry Squad for the purposes of
the generic Reinforced Platoon selector from the Bolt Action
rulebook. It is also an Infantry Squad for the following theatre
selectors of the Armies of Great Britain book: Raiders!, Behind
enemy lines, Operation Lightfoot, Tunisia, Normandy, Into the Reich.

Pour en savoir plus sur les L.R.D.G et les S.A.S avec la règle Bolt Action :

Un site très complet concernant les S.A.S Français

 Franch S.A.S Uniforms, lien.
French S.A.S Uniforms, lien.
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